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REVOLUTION Powder Analyzer - A Powder Characterization Instrument

Mercury Scientific Inc has developed the REVOLUTION Powder Analyzer for researchers to evaluate powder characteristics by predicting the behavior of powders in process applications.  Any researcher encountering the following process uses would benefit from REVOLUTION analysis:

The powder must flow smoothly from a small container.

Example:  A dairy creamer must pour smoothly and consistently from its packaging.  The dairy creamer must be added to the beverage at a constant rate with little added effort.

REVOLUTION Test Method:  Flowability

The powder must fill a processing die evenly and repeat ably.

Example:  A tableting die must be filled with the same amount of powder every time to insure a proper dosage of the drug.

REVOLUTION Test Method:  Flowability, Granulation and Caking

The powder must form larger particles during a granulation process.

Example:  The formation of large granules helps the powder flow smoothly through process handling equipment.

REVOLUTION Test Method:  Flowability and Granulation

The powder must not have large granules or clumps after transportation or storage.

Example:  A face powder must not have large clumps in its container.  The powder must have the same size particles so the face powder will apply evenly to the face.   

REVOLUTION Test Method:  Flowability and Caking

The powder must remain the same particle size during handling, mixing or blending.

Example:  Milk powder has to mix properly with water for the powder to dissolve properly.  Large clumps of powder that do not dissolve can plug bottle nipples. 

REVOLUTION Test Method:  Flowability and Caking

The powder must fluidize. 

Example:  Toner must fluidize to adhere to the printing surface.  If the toner does not fluidize in the drum, it will cause uneven or missing printing.

REVOLUTION Test Method:  Fluidization

The powder creates large particles or cakes during storage and must break up during usage. 

Example:  Baking products form large clumps during storage.  This caking property makes it difficult for the consumer to remove the product from the container.

REVOLUTION Test Method:  Caking

The powder must not fluidize.

Example:  A percentage of the powder fluidizes during processing.  The manufacturing facility is unable to process the material adequately and effectively.  The factory is losing a percentage of raw material due to the fluidization process adding to the raw material cost. 

REVOLUTION Test Method:  Fluidization

After the powder flows from the silo, the powder must not contain clumps.

Example:  A food powder is stored in a silo. The powder is removed from the silo for processing.  Due to storage in a silo, the powder has formed large clumps. These large clumps cause  mixing complications in the manufacturing process

REVOLUTION Test Method:  Flowability and Caking


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